the earth is dying
we can see this from the spacecraft

swirl of debris
            and where there should be blue
                                                is grey haze
                                    white electric non-light

humans we can’t see are masked 
                        inhale the noise of calloused want

we cannot make it through the outer layer 
                        we report

the earth is less a home
                        than somewhere else



It's the day past ground hog's
day when the sun
in a rare mid-winter passion

stretched itself to six o'clock
cut through the clouds
and overtook the trees.

I visited the beach today
for the rush and pul

of an old familiar friend

to walk among the weathered
gulls along the winding shore
but the sea was black

and all the sea gulls dead



1. Chickens

            the twister took
            them up then hundreds
            naked        every feather
            ripped out
            in the wind

            it was raining 
            plucked chickens

2. Canada Geese

            they flew
            through a cloudless sky
            into the clear green glass
            of a massive building

            those struck senseless
            came to
            after landing

            themselves back up
            and with a quiet flutter flew

            with shattered skulls
            and broken necks

3. Rabbits

             This one still hurts.
            They were to test the effects
            of toxic bleach

            the eyelids of the rabbits
            stitched open.

Copyright ©2012 by Pat Falk. All rights, including electronic, reserved by the author.

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Pat Falk is a professor of English at Nassau CommunityCollege in Garden City, New York. She is the author of five collections of poetry and essays, including the most recent Crazy JaneIt Happens As We Speak: A Feminist Poetics 2006, Sightings: Poems on Discovery,1999, and In the Shape of a Woman, 1995, are three others of her books. Her work has appeared in several literary journals including The New York Times Book Review, Third Wednesday, and Women Artists News. She has given many readings and led several workshops in and around the NY Metropolitan area. Visit her website at www.patfalk.net.