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Editorial by the Editor: Daniela Gioseffi

         GREEN WORLD RISING: The Climate Mobilization
Delivered to First UU Society of Brooklyn: by poet, climate activist  American Book Award winning author, and speaker, Daniela Gioseffi. Author of On Prejudice: A Global Perspective (Anchor, Doubleday, 1993)) that included Al Gore's early essay on Environmental Racism. Daniela also anthologized Petra Kelly of the Green Party in Women on War, International Writings from Antiquity to the Present (1988, 2003) Touchstone/Simon & Schuster & The Feminist Press, NY. She addressed The International Book Fair in Barcelona as the representative from the USA, 1992, appearing with Petra Kelly. )
Imagine there’s a fire in the room right now. You’d yell FIRE! You’d help everyone exit! You’d call the fire department and grab a fire extinguisher! Your senses would be focused like a laser! You’d put your entire self into emergency mode. Climate crisis is now an unprecedented emergency, the biggest national security, public health, moral and social justice threat of all time ever, says. NASA, the Pentagon, The Union of Concerned Scientists, the United Nations, and even The World Bank! Climate Crisis is a dire emergency, as Dr. Margaret Klein Salamon, Psychologist, Founder & Director of
The Climate Mobilization  has explained, and we must now be in an emergency mode to save civilization. Bill McKibben, renowned climate and environmental activist, wrote an article in The New Republic that thoroughly explains why we must now be in emergency mode to save the young from complete catastrophe. Climate change is moving quickly toward a tipping point of no correction possible-- if we do not move quickly now toward all clean, renewable energy by 2025! Inroads are being made, but not fast enough. All life on Earth is already slowly dying off from climate change as hundreds of species are going extinct, the oceans are warming, plastic trash is choking wildlife and the wars in Syria and Egypt, Yemen, Afganistan were exacerbated or caused by droughts and scarcity of resources. The young will suffer horrible thirst, starvation and wars over natural resources as they slowly and painfully meet their demise over the rest of the century. Please note that the climate has permanently passed climate crisis threshold already. 

     The United States lags behind other European countries because of an insanely self-destructive, greed mongering political  right wing that continues to deny climate crisis emergency altogether. The lies about it's non-existence are funded by the fossil fuel industrialists in collusion with the USA right wing, as is our major media, which has never reported adequately on the issues. Even our New York Times is not as clearly scientific on the issues often enough as is the ecology section of the UK Guardian, among major newspapers. The Guardian champions the KEEP IT IN THE GROUND movement. Still, superpowers like the USA and the USSR continue to dig for oil gas and coal when the only way our children will survive climate catastrophe is if we KEEP IT IN THE GROUND, now-- the motto of our movement to literally save life on Earth is  "To Save Everything, We Need Everyone, NOW!"Some climatologists say, we've already reached a tipping point of no correction of the climate. Other scientists believe it's less than a decade away, and nearly almost too late. So, we must go immediately into emergency mode!

     Humanity is careening towards the deaths of billions of people, millions of species, and the collapse of organized civilization into wars over food, water and resources, and it's already begun happening in areas of Mideast, and amidst Island peoples fighting for survival, as low lands drown. Indeed, the lower part of Manhattan is already doomed to flood by 2030, driving climate refugees inland and upsetting life here in New York City as people panic. But, there’s an inch of geological time to save civilization. States under severe climate stress, such as Syria, suffered a 12 year drought in its farm lands, causing a revolution to break out that failed. It was invaded by warring factions, bringing chaos, violence, and misery to the region. Wars over resources, food, water, are already happening worldwide while fossil fuel corporations engage some U.S. government officials in denial to keep profits high. Our political system is convulsing, with oligarchic corporatocracy. We need emergency action to avert catastrophe. according to top climatologists like Dr. James Hansen of NASA and the Union of Concerned Scientists. All the technology already exists to save us. ONLY the POLITICAL WILL is lacking and profoundly so in the USA, greatly controlled by fossil fuel corporations which fund our major media.

     Other developed countries have no debate about climate change as human caused. Germany will be fossil free in a couple of years. Despite China and India producing record levels of carbon pollution now, as the US did, China and India are producing MORE green energy jobs than the USA. Our country put the MOST green house gases in the atmosphere, and such gases take a century or two to dissipate. Humans have created a carbon dome of pollution in the delicate thin veil of atmosphere that surrounds Mother Earth. The sun's hot rays cannot reflect into outer space enough through that carbon dome! Instead, the hot sun’s rays are deflecting down onto the glaciers, melting them and onto the oceans warming and acidifying them. We will face Extreme Weather now, for the rest of our lives, like the record killing heat waves in India, Pakistan, England, and Arizona this summer, the droughts in California and Africa, the increasing wildfires in California and Australia that exacerbate pollution,record floods in West Virginia and Louisiana this summer 2016. There’s still an inch of geological time to save the young. To give some authority to what I offer, I tell you I’ve studied with chief climatologists, and been invited to give talks on climate justice, around the country and locally and for The UU Community Church Midtown, the UUWA Retreat on Long Island, as well as around Massachusetts and on public radio.

     According to NASA chief climatologist, Dr. James Hansen, and other climatologists worldwide, the fact is we Earthlings cannot survive unless we get carbon and methane emissions down to 350 parts per million of Earth’s atmosphere. The delicate veil of atmosphere surrounding our Mother Earth, our very life’s breath,  is now polluted with more than 400 parts per million of carbon and methane gases. Scientists say we’re NOW close to the tipping point of NO Climate CORRECTION possible.  Poor communities and indigenous peoples of color, and especially children everywhere will suffer first. Those who did not create the problem are suffering most. We need an EMERGENCY strategy for the GREEN WORLD TO RISE QUICKLY ENOUGH TO SAVE THE YOUNG. The educated young know this! That’s why they’ve joined in a HUGE “Peoples Political Revolution.” Nobel Laureate Poet of Poland, Wislawa Szymborska, (included in my American Book Award winning women’s studies book for World Peace, Women on War, wrote Children of the Epoch:
“We are children of the epoch/ The epoch is political. All my daily and nightly affairs, / all your daily and nightly affairs, / are political affairs,// Whether you like it or not, / your genes have a political past, / your skin has political tone,/ your eyes a political color, / What you say resounds, / what you don’t say is also/ politically significant.// ….You walk with political steps/ on political ground.// Apolitical poems are also political, / …. To be or not to be,/ that IS the question. / Oh darling, what a question, give a suggestion. / A political question. // You don’t have to be human/ to acquire a political meaning. / It’s enough to be petroleum/ cattle fodder, raw material. / Or just a conference table whose shape / was disputed for months. / In the meantime, people were killed. / Animals died / houses burned / fields grew fallow, / as in distant /and less political epochs."

     Climate crisis has been politicized in the USA more than anywhere. We Americans bear a bigger responsibility as citizens of the country that put the most lingering pollutants in the atmosphere. Our country has been moving more slowly to address climate crisis than developed nations like Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, France and Kenya in the forefront of renewable energy. Ithaca NY and Burlington Vt. are totally green energy cities now. We could go green quickly if only the political will were there.

     Home-grown Exxon-Mobil is under investigation by 17 state attorneys general for knowingly hiring scientists and politicians to lie about the dire consequences of continuing to burn coal, oil and gas. Our NY State Attorney General Schniederman leads the investigation. Investigative reporters who unearthed the evidence to initiate an indictment of Exxon are RIGHT HERE IN BROOKLYN on COURT ST. Our own, Brooklyn Pultizer Prize winning, global climate newsletter INSIDECLIMATENEWS.COM is right around the corner. Corporations like Exxon-Mobil, Shell, BP, Koch Bros. have known for over 25 years, from their own scientists, that fossil fuel pollution is a threat to all life on Earth, but instead of developing green energy industries, they continue, today, to spend multi-millions hiring politicians and scientists to lie about it.  

     That’s why millennials go to alternative media like DemocracyNow.org, EcoWatch.com, or InsideClimateNews.com for truth. The major networks greatly funded by oil, gas and coal commercials rarely link extreme weather to Climate Crisis Emergency as they should. Teenagers all over the country are using the U.S. Constitution to sue local, state and federal governments for the right to live into their future. Defend Our Future.org will tell you these young people, grasping for the right to a future, have been recently awarded favorable decisions by state judges in Oregon and Massachusetts, for two examples. Our commitment to stewardship of Earth must now take priority as it affects all other social justice issues from environmental racism to our children’s right to a future on Mother Earth! Nothing can be accomplished for Black rights, women’s rights, gay rights, Muslim rights or children’s rights without a livable planet.

       Great feats can be achieved, as they were during WWII to defeat the Nazis when FDR retrofitted the entire country into a war economy, within two years, to help defeat the Evil Axis. All the technology exists to save us, ONLY the political will is lacking. An FDR style WWII fast mobilization is what’s sorely needed now.
A NEW GREEN DEAL! That’s why our motto in the climate justice movement is TO SAVE EVERYTHING, WE NEED EVERYONE, NOW! So, whether you’re a marching, or civil disobedience type of activist, or a telephoning, letter writing educating, e-mailing sort, there’s work to be done by all of us to help the GREEN WORLD TO RISE and SAVE OUR MOTHER EARTH’S sustenance of life. What we need is a coalition now of all social, environmental and Green Faith organizations such as young people are forming with TheClimateMobilization.org.

       It’s not just a matter of recycling our individual garbage or composting and putting solar panels on our homes or buying all green energy for our homes, putting in LED light bulbs, conserving our home energy use, or eating far less meat, though all of that is utterly important, but it won’t suffice alone. It’s a matter of demanding taxes on carbon emissions and an immediate move to a governmental
NEW GREEN DEAL. The fossil fuel companies have been using our breathable air as a garbage dump for their pollutants for free for too long. Our taxes are still subsidizing their obscene profits! We are funding our own demise! In order to fund the rapid rise of a green economy, we need taxes on carbon for our local, state and federal governments to convert to a green economy. Forty percent of American children now suffer debilitating asthma caused by fossil fuel pollutants, and many of these fuel corporations are paying no taxes for our healthcare systems, while lung diseases are rampant! Fossil fuel corporations pay nothing for using our atmosphere, our children’s very breath, as a garbage dump for their sickening filth! They must be made to pay to save the lives they’re destroying daily by putting profits before people.

       Mother Earth’s air conditioning glaciers are melting exponentially, faster than was predicted. Her oceans are bound to rise now and are acidifying, killing barrier reefs, sea life and seafood that many countries depend upon. Farming of livestock and meat consuming is a whopping third of the problem of climate destruction due to methane from livestock, meat processing plants and clear cutting of rain forests for grazing. Forests are the lungs of the planet in atmospheric balance. We all know that trees give off oxygen and soak up carbon dioxide. How many of us are aware that one hamburger costs 60,000 gallons of water to produce? It may cost us a few bucks, but it costs Mother Earth dearly. I feel Her great pain. I feel Her nurturing ways leaving us:
Please note that the climate has permanently passed climate crisis threshold already. 

       When that grief is felt, it motivates. I joined The “
Divest from Fossil Fuels:” movement fostered by 350.org with millions of others and we’ve succeeded in removing over two trillion dollars from coal, oil and gas stocks! Pope Francis with Laudato Si has taught us the connection between the climate, environmental racism and poverty, the Dalai Lama and Buddhists understand as does Bishop Shora of the Episcopal Church, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Rabbi Lerner of Tikkun and First Unitarian Universalist Society of Brooklyn, Reverend Ana Levy, as well as Keith Ellison, our first Muslim in the US Congress, Native American environmentalists, Deborah Parker and Winona La Duke, and The Unitarian Universalist Association of America have all committed themselves to divestment and the climate justice movement— because they know that it’s an economic, health and social justice emergency affecting all in a world where 1% of the population, now controls more wealth than the 99% of us, worldwide, combined. The robber barons of our Climate Crisis Era are corporate C.E.O.s destroying Mother Earth, robbing her bounty from the children.

     Emergency mode is contagious. The Climate Movement is now advocating for a WWII-scale, FDR style, climate mobilization.  The Peoples Climate March Sept. 2014 mobilized 400 environmental groups and half a million people marching during the UN Climate Summit, but it was not enough to make our federal government devise a clean energy transition as good as those in Germany, Norway or Kenya, Ithaca New York or Burlington Vermont. The current U.S. administration headed by President Obama has drilled for more oil and gas than any in 40 years. It secretly issued hundreds more licenses for drilling in public lands and offshore areas even as the need to save life is to  KEEP IT IN THE GROUND. Right wing politicians and insanely egomaniacal political candidates like Donald Trump continue to deny climate crisis as human caused! Yet, if  the climate reaches a point of no correction, it means a slow dying off from lack of water, food, resources and much suffering of unbelievable magnitude—such as we’re already seeing with the climate refugees of Syria, the Philippines, Pacific Islands,  and Africa. Five million climate refugees are expected worldwide before long. Should we not be yelling FIRE!

     Individuals and nations can respond to emergencies with reason, dedication, and amazing success, as when FDR mobilized the entire U.S.A. retrofitting our industries and factories within about 2 years to defeat the Nazi threat. A couple of years may be all that’s left to hold climate change back from the tipping point of no correction. So, whether it’s making calls to officials, or messaging or writing to representatives to demand taxes on carbon emissions, whether it’s marching, whether it’s educating, whether it’s demonstrating or committing civil disobedience—there’s something for everyone to do. Imagine if everyone in America called their representatives or wrote a message taking a few seconds everyday, what difference it could make! Imagine if we make CLIMATE CRISIS ACTIVISM the CONVERSATiON wherever we go. This is the biggest social and moral issue ever. Nothing can be accomplished without a livable, solvent planet.   

      Extreme weather is already costing multi-billions of dollars from flooding, super-storms, tsunamis, earthquakes from hydro-fracking, poisoned water aquifers and rivers, droughts and wildfires are occurring worldwide in the hottest summers in climate history, costing trillions in damages. Already this year, we’ve seen West Virginia experience the worst flood in its history, floods in England, prolonged wildfires raging in California and Australia, droughts in Africa. We’ve seen Hurricane Sandy cost over 65 billion in our City. Hurricane Katrina over 75 billion! Science tells us we’ll experience extreme weather for the rest of our lives, even if things seem peaceful around us today. Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter, Gay Rights, Muslim Rights and most of all  Children’s Rights depend on fighting climate crisis now. TO SAVE EVERYTHING, WE NEED EVERONE in EMERGENCY MODE. Personal gratification can come from joining the Climate Movement Mobilization and focusing on the joy that could be achieved if our GREEN WORLD RISES FAST ENOUGH TO SAVE LIFE FOR THE YOUNG! Every day, I think of  Mother Earth as one large living being, Mother Gaia, one eco-system of interconnected life: I feel her pain. Our pain as Earthlings! It is time for Ecological Spirituality.
It is time for
The Climate Emergency Mobilization now!

Chant the Navajo Chant like a mantra that we Eco-Feminists have been chanting since the 1970's. Let Native American understanding of Earth's Sacred Bounty lead us: Chant it daily like a mantra:

The Earth is our Mother. We must take care of Her. The Earth is our Mother. We must take care of Her. Hey Yonna Ho Yonna Hey Yana. Hey Yana Ho Yana Hey Yana.The Ground we walk is sacred with every step we take. The Ground we walk is sacred with every step we take. Hey, Yana, Ho Yana, Hey Yana, Hey Yona Ho Yana. Hey Yana!

 “It’s better to light one candle than rage against the darkness.” Please go out into the world refreshed and renewed in our resolve to save Mother Earth, Her bounty, Her beauty for the young!

Copyright © 2016 by Daniela Gioseffi. All rights reserved. This editorial was partly inspired by a paper written by Margaret Klein Salamon, Ph.D. Founder & Director of The Climate Mobilization.www.TheClimateMobilization.org and Bill McKibben, award winning ecological activist and author, founder of the most globally activist organization on climate crisis emergency, 350.org. Please see his article in The New Republic, Summer, 2016
 Editorial by Daniela from July 2014:
The climate crisis situation is far more of an emergency than it was in 2010 when I began this online anthology Eco-Poetry with its Alerts-Action page, poems and essays.  The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel has published a more dire warning, March 2014.  We may well less than a decade, if that, to pull back from the tipping point that could begin to bring us to climate catastrophe. The west antarctic ice shelf is now melting beyond repair and its demise will have dire consquences.  Also, methane could be released from the ocean under the melting glaciers that could mean the last hours, (www.LastHours.org) of humanity and cause a Sixth Extinction as Elizabeth Kolbert, respected biologist, augurs with substantiation in her book by that title. The good news is the media is waking up and offering more truth on global warming issues since Hurricane Sandy, but he major media still often refuses to connect extreme weather forecasts with climate crisis. "Years of Living Dangerously" is a major series, on Show Time, first episode free on You Tube, with many reputable scientists, and Hollywood stars, educating on the issues. Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos II, Episode 12,created with the help of brilliant author Ann Druyan, can be viewed for free, archived at HuLu. Episode 12 explains the the science of climate crisis and global warming clearly for all. There is so much more that could be said to update the situtation, but these links offer a good amount of information and all you need to excite you about coming to the biggest global demonstration of people's will to save our blessed Earth's bounty on September 21st, 2014, in New York City and elsewhere across the globe. Regardless of what one believes about climate crisis, we would have a better world free of dirty fossil fuel wars that have destroyed myriad numbers of innocent lives across the globe throughout the 20th and into the 21st century. We would be better off in a more peaceful world and have cleaner air to breathe with renewable energy dominate over dirty. We can all switch, individually to cleaner energy and contribute to organizations that are fighting for our and our chidlren's future: e.g 350.nyc or 350.org offer clean energy through these wesites from EthicalElectric. com (800) 460-4900 you will also be contributing to our movement to fight climate catastrophe, while giving a good-sized contribution to these non-profit eco-activist orgs. who are promoting clean energy in partnership with clean, renewable eneery companies, found at the aforementioned blue links. Any home owner or apartment dweller with an electric meter can do so. ]The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has produced four short videos that give a good education on climate crisis emergency and its solutions, GreenWorldRising.org telling how our precious Earth can be restored and kept habitable.

       The "Koch Bros.Problem" (explained in an audio produced by MoveOn.org/ ) of hired propagandists and rightwing climate deniers in control of Congress put us in dire straights with big money controlling our government. Yet, our movment is growing and we will have the greatest ever PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MARCH in NY City Sept., 21st, 2014, and globally, during the UN Summit on Climate, the week of Sept. 20th. Come and be a part of the festivities and peoples' will to save the future! Also, be sure to get out and vote to save, not only the environment, but Social Security, Medicare, women's right of choice, a better minimum wage,  and so many other programs that MOST Americans agree upon as Senator Sanders explains.


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Al Gore’s Latest Book: OUR CHOICE: A Plant to Solve the Climate Crisis: http://ourchoicethebook.com/ Two years in the making. In the five years since the publication and release of the landmark book and documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, 2007, has convened more than 30 Solutions Summits around the world, bringing together some of the most acclaimed and forward-thinking experts in climatology, renewable energy, conservation, business, and governance in order to find actionable solutions to the environmental emergency crisis now upon us. Our Choice presents that incredible body of research. One can buy an interactive e-book or print book to discover our means planet salvation.

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                                          Editorials by Daniela Gioseffi: 
DANIELA GIOSEFFI IS AN AMERICAN BOOK AWARD WINNING AUTHORof 17 books of poetry and prose. She has been an Eco-Feminist since global warming first came to the attention of the public in the 1970's. She campaigned for Barry Common in 1984 when he coined the term bio-diversity. At that time, she was president of Brooklyn Heights SANE, Citizens for a Sane Nuclear World, founded by Bertrand Russell. She served on the Board of The Editors and Publishers Alliance for Nuclear Disarmament NY City, which awarded The Olive Branch Awards for the best peace books of the year. Her compendium of World Literature On Prejudice a Global Perspective, 1993, won a World Peace Prize from The Ploughshares Fund and was presented at the UN. It contained an excerpt on Environmental Racism by Al Gore. Women on War: International Writings, has been in print for over 25 years as a Women Studies and Peace Studies classic.Daniela has published six books of poetry and won the John Ciardi Lifetime Achievement Award in Poetry and two grant awards from The NY State Council for the Arts. Her writings have appeared in The Nation, The Paris Review, The NY Times,  and other periodicals.  She's a member of Sierra Club, ClimateRealityProject.org, EmpowerNewJersey.com  and  Make Polluters Pay 


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to save habitable Earth NOW!

In the last few months, environmentalists and our champions in Congress, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the thousands of young people who make up the www.SunriseMovement.org– have made the idea of a Green New Deal a hot topic. Now, thanks to the work of an uprising of people and hundreds of allied organizations including Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, 350.org, Food and Water Watch, Green Peace, etc. Eco-Poetry.org, people like you, and several of the most well-known progressives, e.g. Senators Bernie Sanders, Ed. Markley, Sheldon Whitehouse, Cory Booker, Eliz. Warren, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and the newly elected Progressive women of the House of Representatives, with the blessing of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, etc. have endorsed the idea of a Green New Deal. Their advocacy was proven that tackling the threat of climate catastrophe is a priority for Congress this year and was for the coming 2020 election. A newer and very effective org fighting for saving the climate isMake Polluters Pay. One can join on their website and watch a video about the rational of making the polluting fossil fuel corporations pay for the mess they made and continue to make.  As far as the North East goes an important website for NJ activist is www.EmpowerNewJersey.com 

But just because everyone’s talking about a Green New Deal does not mean that we’re all on the same page about what it should be. Each state may need to move forward with its own Green New Deal, including clean green jobs in renewable energy, among other issues. We are using the basis of The Green New Deal first outlined by the Green Party as part of their 2016 platform to push political will forward on The Hill. Not even the Democrats had an exact plan on how to proceed, and there’s little time left. Perhaps a decade, according the UNIPCC in 2018, to save The Earth, our only planet home, from Climate Catastrophe and tipping points of no correction of the climate. We are now in Climate Crisis Emergency, and must move fast to save life on Earth. Already, more than half of the world’s wildlife is extinct and more than half of the insect world with its pollinating bees and butterflies has disappeared. The glaciers are melting exponentially and Earth’s fever is rising faster than scientists predicted. 

Extreme weather in 2017-19 has caused huge suffering, loss of life, property and health throughout the globe. We can see the super storms, floods, droughts, wildfires that are increasing everywhere across the world with our own eyes, even as 99 percent of the world’s climatologists tell us we’re now living in an time of Climate Crisis EMERGENCY. 

 Greta Thunberg of Sweden is one of the youngest people now leading millions, as a climate crisis activist, across Europe. She has started a school boycott throughout the European Union in which children of her teenage are picketing parliamentary buildings, protesting for action on climate crisis as a dire emergency. Young people who follow Greta Thunberg’s lead, and who have joined www.SunriseMovement.org in the USA are fighting for their very lives and future on the planet. They are helping to build the political will which has been sorely lacking. All the technology exists to keep the rising fever of the Earth under 2 degrees Celsius. And better yet, under 1.5 toward which we’re rapidly heading, only strong enough political will is lacking. 

That’s why over 600 top ecological organizations joined a broad coalition of environmental groups to lead a national Green New Deal toward adoption by the USA Congress. While Greta Thunberg leads young people in the EU, the www.SunriseMovement is leading the struggle for survival of a livable planet here in the USA. Join the young and help to save life on Earth by calling your representatives and demanding a Green New Deal, and vote for those who endorse it. “To save everything, we need everyone, NOW.” Call your representatives and demand a Green New Deal, a fast conversion to renewable energy by 2030.” There is little time and the air-conditioners of the planet, the glaciers are melting exponentially, faster than was expected. The USA still has the largest carbon footprint and has put the most pollution, carbon and methane, into our thin veil of atmosphere.      

The rain forests and all the forests must be preserved as the lungs of the planet. More and more trees must be planted. Clear cutting is criminal. Wetlands must be naturalized. Populations must be moved back from shorelines. Vehicles must run on green energy, as fast as possible. There is no time to waste. The young of Greta’s Thunberg’s school boycotts and marches, and the www.SunriseMovment.org are leading the way with many great environmental organizations in coalition toward a Green New Deal! There is still an inch of time to save the only teardrop of love and laughter afloat in cold dark space, the only planet home we know, and the only one possible for today's children.  It’s better to light one candle, than rage against the darkness.

Daniela Gioseffi, Editor: Eco-Poetry.org, American Book Award Winning author of 17 books of poetry and prose.    Eco-Poetry.org is a non-profit site published and built with volunteerism.

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